Payday loan without bank

Payday loan without bank

Banks are making it harder and harder to lend. Borrowers find it difficult to obtain consumer credit. Result: They are looking for alternative financing solutions. Financing without the banks, especially with the help of the loan without the banks, is both accessible and advantageous, thanks to the development of web 2.0. See of critique.



Consumer credit is the most common payday loan. With a consumer credit, you can borrow between 3,000 to 75,000 $ (40,000 dollars at Cream Bank). The repayment period is more than 2 years and does not exceed 6 years. Consumer credit makes it possible to quickly finance a car, a wedding or even a trip. Its main features are:

  • a withdrawal period of 14 days;
  • fixed monthly payments;
  • partial or total reimbursement without penalties (except in exceptional cases);

You can use the amount as you wish. Consumer credit is a flexible and fast solution. It allows the borrower to give himself some financial air and to face the unexpected:

  • loss of income;
  • life accident;
  • rapid replacement of a broken-down item.

Borrowers who have been refused must find alternative financing solutions. Finance yourself with a payday loan, for example.

Payday loan


The payday loan is an alternative method of financing. Its principle? It is the savings of investors which is used to finance the projects of individual borrowers, without going through a bank. The interest rate between investors and borrowers is freely determined within the limit of the usury rate. The payday loan between individuals allows you to finance yourself without going through the “intermediary” box. It therefore allows:

  • reduce administrative costs;
  • benefit from advantageous interest rates.
  • obtain rapid responses to their requests.

However, a distinction should be made between direct lending between individuals and lending via an internet connection platform. Direct lending between individuals is sometimes complicated: insufficient funds or funds released late, difficulties in preparing loan documents, etc. To finance yourself without the banks through a collaborative system, it is better to go through an internet platform.


A platform for connecting individuals and investors provides important guarantees: it acts as a trusted third party between the two parties. Its principle is simple: the money loaned comes from individuals or institutions, which entrust their savings to Cream Bank to invest in the real economy, by financing the projects of French households. The interest paid by households is fully paid to the lenders. There are therefore no additional costs which would be added.

  • purchase of a new or used vehicle;
  • accommodation development;
  • loan for young workers;
  • financing of a marriage;
  • etc.

The borrowers’ files are carefully examined by the platform staff. The answer is quick and clear: the agreement in principle is given during the online request. And the final financing agreement is made within 24 hours after receipt of all the documents required in the file.

Other advantages of an internet platform like Cream Bank: interest rates are lower than most banks. Unlike traditional lending institutions, the lending platform has no significant structure costs:

  • no agencies;
  • no regional headquarters;
  • etc.

    The decision process is therefore optimized. The loan platform can focus only on its funding mission.

Final decision within 24 hours: On receipt of your complete file, Cream Bank can give you a response within 24 hours by SMS in the case of acceptance, and by email in the case of a refusal.